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Not Just a Job

At Evoke Research and Consulting, you are not just hired for a position, you are hired for a career. From the day you walk through our office doors we work with you to create a long-term, mutually beneficial experience that nurtures your opportunities for training, certification, experience and career growth. Here you are a member of an amazing and dynamic team delivering a positive impact on our client's business. We are commited to ensuring your Evoke experience is like no other, and that we help you to fulfill your career goals.

Quality of Life

There's a sense of great accomplishment that comes from building teams of people that not only enjoy what they do but feel valued for their work.  We are committed to providing each employee with a positive, supportive working environment that offers professional growth, welcomes diversity and encourages creativity and collaboration.  Every employee experiences a unique employee driven culture that encourages work/life balance.

Company Pride

Working at Evoke, you will be proud to be part of a firm that makes social responsibility a priority.  We plan regular community service activities that benefit children, the homeless, our nation's veterans, and many others that are under served.  We strive every day to live by our second Core Value, "Foster and protect an employee-focused, community-minded culture, and lead by example as a good corporate citizen".  For Evoke management and staff, these are not just words on paper, they are values lived by as we conduct our daily business. 

Work Content

Evoke professionals desire challenging and meaningful work.  Knowing that your work impacts the mission delivery capability of the client is rewarding and we strive to provide that opportunity to you on every client engagement. Evoke is a thought leader in work force rebalancing, we develop and enhance your skills on a contract, so that employees can be promoted on contract into new positions when they become available.  Our consultants support some of the most critical issues in the Federal Government including veterans' access to benefits, transformation, healthcare improvement, and cyber security.  Projects are often complex and rewarding, and our consultants are expected to think beyond day-to-day tasks and consider how to effect and improve operations.

We Hire and Support Our Veterans