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Knowledge Management Center

Federal agencies and commercial customers are dealing with shrinking budgets, increased oversight and expanding mission requirements. As a result the demand for increased value for every dollar spent has increased exponentially. In 2016, Evoke stood up its Knowledge Management Center (KMC) program to harness the collective intellectual capital and experiences of its professional work force to address this need.  

The KMC is Innovation: The KMC represents an Evoke proprietary process used to continuously improve our methodologies and services to clients.  Innovation occurs when our management consultants create a new or better way of delivering our services.  On occasion those enhancements are worthy of being incorporated formally into our current service offerings.  The enhancement might even become its own service offering!

Once incorporated into the methodology, the KMC SME responsible for overseeing that Evoke service capability vets this newly improved methodology.  Once approved, the KMC provides that methodology corporate-wide to all Evoke management consultants.

Engagement Surge Capability and Resource Multiplier: The KMC is a sort of “methodology hotline” providing access to subject matter experts for management consultants, working real-time to solve complex issues for clients.  Evoke consultants always have access to the KMC. If a consultant simply has a question or would like a peer review, the KMC is also there to provide guidance and support. If a problem arises or a team needs help, they can always call upon the KMC.

"A consultant should never be placed on a project with just their wits and personal experiences; their consulting firm should provide the tools necessary to succeed and that includes the experience of talented colleagues."

Greg Blaisdell, Managing Partner

Best Practices Library:  The KMC also serves as a repository of best practices, templates, and lessons learned garnered from our experience in federal and commercial services delivery that we continuously leverage to improve our Core Services Offerings. Our KMC drives continuous improvement of our service offerings through research, innovation, and continuously assessing industry trends, emerging technologies, and training/ certification programs in business and management services. Our Project Managers meet to share ideas and lessons learned that could be implemented across other programs:

  • Evoke Methodologies – Evoke KMC serves as a clearinghouse for the latest industry trends and tools. The KMC collaborates on the best ways to incorporate or customize these tools and trends to meet specific client needs. The process of analyzing these tools and trends facilitates updates to Evoke methodologies.
  • Consultant Tool Kits – Evoke KMC takes the best templates from multiple engagements, incorporates Evoke methodologies, and transforms them into a format that can be easily customized. The result is a set of true practice specific consulting tools, providing innovation and reduced risk to the customer.

Evoke employees can access the KMC Library at anytime Here.