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Leadership and Career Development

Evoke offers a variety of opportunities to help our staff achieve professional and personal development. 

Evoke University

Evoke University was established to provide continuous professional development of our management consultants to enhance our service delivery capability while offering exceptional training to our clients.  Our goal is to continue to drive a broad portfolio of performance improvement products and services to solve a range of customer performance needs. In addition to Training and Certification Evoke University provides:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Event Facilitation
  • Kaizen and Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment 
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Execution 
  • Advanced Lean Six Sigma Support
    • ​Design For Six Sigma
    • Design of Experiment

For a full schedule of classes and information on registering, follow this link.

Knowledge Management Center

Evoke's Knowledge Management Center (KMC) program is a proprietary process used to continuously improve our methodologies and services and provide each consultant with the tools they need to be successful. The KMC also serves as a repository of best practices, templates, and lessons learned garnered from our experience in federal and commercial services delivery that we continuously leverage to improve our Core Services Offerings.  The program fosters innovation, encouraging our management consultants to create new or better ways of delivering our services.  Enhancements to tools, methods, templates or processes are incorporated into our knowledge repository and improve upon our current service offerings.  Some enhancements may even lead to a new service offering! Partnership is a part of Evoke University. It provides an online training site accessible by all Evoke employees, giving us access to 2,374 courses and 112,000 tutorials on varying subjects such as desktop tools, technologies, and processes.

  • Certificates of completion earned for each course / tutorial
  • Team assigned training based on customer need (I.e., Task Leads can setup “playlist” for each employee on their team)
  • Transcript reports can be generated, and grouped by employee or team Courses are accessible via any internet connection