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Why Us?

Evoke (e-vōk)
To create anew especially by means of the imagination."

Evoke is a Federal Management Consulting© firm

We are not a contracting company; we do not provide simple staff augmentation.

Defining a vision through a company name

In 2005, we were creating a new kind of consulting firm, one that would break some longstanding preconceived notions about government contracting, professional services, and what it meant to be supporting a federal agency as a contractor. 

We simply wanted to be different.  The name “Evoke” is unique and represents our strong desire to build a true Federal Management Consulting firm around the concept of innovation and consultant imagination.

  •  We are a name, not an acronym. 

Why add to the alphabet soup in Washington?  It is yet another way to convey our differences to the industry.  We also have no flags, eagles or other cliché marketing in our logo.  Certainly nothing wrong with being patriotic, but we are able to stand on our own as a high-quality brand of service for our clients and a culture of excellence for our consultants without any gimmicks.

  •  We are not named after one of the owners. 

This company was built as a home for consultants to deliver services to the Federal Government.

  •  We are hungry to use our intellectual capital to drive success for our clients. 

Our primary focus is to deliver high-quality service on daily client tasks, but never stop doing the additional work necessary for continuous improvement; Evoke consultants lead with an eye toward improvement first. “Evoke” embodies the spirit of always thinking of new and creative ways to improve the organizations we support and their mission. We are always looking for opportunity to improve our customer’s mission, whether it’s through tools and templates, or processes and technology, we seek out ways to improve program delivery. Sometimes that involves creating anew through the talented imagination of our consultants.

Regenerating the Consultant Path

Often times, consultants in the Federal Management Consulting industry are required to jump from company to company in order to find career advancement and professional development.  Within the first six months of joining Evoke, every employee is required to submit a Career map.  Evoke organizes around three primary core services to our clients, each offering a variety of roles and long-term career paths. High-performing Evoke consultants have the opportunity to explore new assignments across all three core service areas throughout their tenure with the firm. This approach to internal mobility fosters a culture of intellectual stimulation, drives business expansion, and facilitates options for a more compelling career path. 

We hire the best consultants in the industry...we don't just say we do.

We know the leading consultants in our industry and they know our vision to provide a challenging environment focused on finding solutions for our clients. We connect those leading thinkers with client issues; that is our primary recruiting objective.